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Classic unisex insulated body warmer
199,00 $
Kalee Ladies E-Tec2 Knee Grip Breeches
239,00 $
Russel Mens Show Jacket
479,00 $
CD FLORENTINA W E-Tec2 F-Leather Breeches
249,00 $
Classic Unisex Softshell Jacket
189,00 $
141,75 $
Semba Ladies K-Tec Full Seat Breeches
289,00 $
Cornell Ladies J-TEC2 Knee Grip Tights
120,00 $
Short Ladies Wool Show Jacket
499,00 $
Classic Halter
64,95 $
Classic unisex rain jacket
49,95 $
  • Horse Gear

    Horses. Who would we be without them? Just as important as the rider, these magnificent animals follow the schedule we set up and perform at their very best regardless where they are and what time of year it is. It is vital for us to take good care of them and understand every minuscule need, adapting their nature to us makes it just as important for us to take in consideration their wellbeing. Kingsland designs gear to match these situations and to take care of our four-legged partners in the very best way. We believe they deserve the best of attention and we love to see our horse gear worn by these noble athletes all over the world. 

    Our Horse Gear and Accessories are designed to match gorgeously to the riders outfit. -Rugs for any conditions, whether it is at a show, in the stable, out in the paddock during winter, when raining or when lounging. -Saddle pads with different linings, -Coolmax, Bamboo, Cool Clean or cotton, -you find them in our collections. Both rugs, saddle pads & our crocheted fly hats with elastic ears are made with a pick and mix intention completing the team appearance of the horse and its rider. Stable curtains, stable guards, helmet bag, boot bag and travel boots are perfect for those weekends away from home. You also find halters, fleece bandages, elastic bandages, wraps and pads to complete the necessity of any demanding horse lover. 


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