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10. Mar. 2017. // Kingsland Team

Once again, a big collection is finding its way to our retailers as well as to our web shop. The Summer Collection has been highly anticipated, mostly because of the collection itself but just as much due to the colours, -the fabrics, -the technical details and the variety of the styles. The summer Collection also brings a lot of joy, because we realise that the days are getting longer and the temperature is slowly rising. -Summer is on its way! Nevertheless, we have kept in mind that summer also can be quite gloomy with rain (and cooler days in the northern parts of the world).  So we have incorporated rainwear that are guaranteed to keep you dry AND stylish where ever you go. 

In this blog we will try to explain a little about the collection, and help you find your own style and how to mix and match the different items.

As always, there are different themes in the collection. You find the Summer Theme with all the brightest colours. The Sporty Theme, where the focus are on the technical details. Finally yet importantly, -the Core Theme, with Kingsland Classic colours.

 Kingsland Show Shirt from Summer 2017 collection

All the styles are highly technical, the show shirts and polo shirts are all breathable and in quick dry material. The breeches are breathable with 4-way stretch, dust and water repellent. The raincoats can endure up to 5000mm RPP (which means they are waterproof). The horse gear, such as the saddle pads, are made with the Cool Max material, which are breathable and quick dry. Only the best is good enough for your horse.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Kingsland Polo shirts from the summer 2017 collection

Termine Polo Pique
This pique has become a “standard” in Kingsland summer collections. It is functional, technical and has some cool details.  You can choose between five different colours, so you are guaranteed to find the style that suits you and matches your horse. Go from bright yellow to Kingsland Classic navy, burgundy and white. And if you want you boyfriend/ husband or kids to match, -we also have the popular polo for men and juniors

Essen Saddle Pad 
This saddle pad has the Cool Max lining. This material is breathable and quick dry. It transports the heat and sweat perfectly away from your horses back and keeps him dry. You have four different colours to choose from, with the sizes pony, dressage and jumping.

Kingsland Hayle Show Jacket from the summer 2017 collection

Hayle Show Jacket
Get ready for the summer competitions in this season’s most flattering show jacket! With the soft shell material, it is extremely stretchy and water repellent but it also has the mesh lining in the side panels. This makes it highly breathable, but it also adds a perfect slimming effect that looks great on everyone. The Brown Iron colour will look good on every horse, from black to bay and grey! Combine it with The Essen Saddle pad and the matching Hannover fly hat.

New styles are arriving weekly, so check our web shop to order the newest styles!


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