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07. Apr. 2017. // Kingsland Team

Two times a year we release our Dressage Collections. The Dressage line is a small collection compared to our other collections, but it contains just what any dressage rider could want and need.

Everything can be mixed and matched as you please. Whether you prefer a sporty look or a more sophisticated look, you are guaranteed to look smart and be well fitted for summer.

Once again a few special styles are designed in collaboration with world-renowned dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin. The CD styles are special in the sense that they were designed exactly as Charlotte prefers her clothing. This makes them highly suitable to fit any rider, taking into consideration the style, technical abilities and the of course the look.

And, -we have not forgotten about the horse! In the collection you will find a variety of styles with great details, both technical and stylish, to match your outfit.

Below we give you a few of our favourites, -but make sure to check our LOOK BOOK, the CATALOGUE and the web shop to find new styles arriving weekly!

This is a knitted softshell jacket with a great fitting for any dressage rider. Water repellent and mesh inside to provide perfect breathability.


A Fleece Jacket in an elastic quality with a brushed inside for the ultimate comfort.

This is a long softshell tailcoat in the best quality and a perfect fitting. This summer most sought after riding jacket. Change the colours of the vest points as you prefer, these are included in red, beige and silver.

This is one of the items from the Charlotte Dujardin Collection. It is a cotton mix, and makes it highly comfortable but also gives a great look. Use it for riding and outside the stables.

This is a very stylish polo pique with some great details. It has mesh side panels, which makes it breathable and transports heat and moisture away quickly from your body. Perfect for those summer training sessions.

Bell boots in artificial leather with lamb wool on top edge and shiny surface. Double Velcro closing with embroidered patch. Matches well with HAMILTON front protection boots and EDMONTON back protection boots.


Click on the Style Names for more colours, details and prizes.


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