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Classic Show socks 3 pk Unisex
26,95 $
Kadi Knee Grip E-Tec Breeches for Women
189,00 $
Classic Jacket Unisex
219,00 $
Katinka Knee Grip F-Tec2 Tights for Women
110,00 $
Classic Ladies Padded Jacket
219,00 $
Kadi Full Grip E-Tec Breeches for Women
199,00 $
Kenton Knee Grip E-Tec Breeches for Men
189,00 $
Classic Show Socks 3-pack
26,95 $
Classic Woven Softshell Show Jacket for Ladies
319,00 $
Classic Padded Jacket for Ladies
169,00 $
  • Show Jackets

    At a competition you want to look your very best and still feel comfortable, it is after all a physically demanding task and what more could you ask for than a fashionable garment that gives you both the fantastic look without compromising the comfort? Great efforts were done in making our line of show clothing. The technical materials and unique designs have concluded in top notch shirts and jackets no one can possibly resist. 

    The show jackets are engineered with technical, softshell material, making them easy to maintain and clean at home. The water resistant capacity is great to keep the stains away and the breathable stretchy material makes them into one of the most comfortable show jackets on the market. The ladies jackets can come in fresh colours and contrast panels on the sides give it a striking look, not to mention the glittering crystal details on the collar and in the back.  Once in a while we have show jackets that comes with 3 detachable collar designs making it tremendously versatile and possible to personalize.

    All buttons are detachable with a KL logo design. The buttons can easily be changed to a plain buttons in no time. Our show jackets has modest decorations, embroideries and patches.
    All our show jackets are washable on gentle rotations on 30°c.


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